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Spring Cleaning Your Custom Software Solution

With Spring in the air, it's time to think about Spring Cleaning for Your Custom Software Solution. The fastest way for your custom developed software to become outdated is if you let it. Let St. Louis based FirsTech do some Spring Cleaning on your software solutions too – you never know what dead code and bugs need to be swept out.

Custom Software Solutions

Let FirsTech help you strengthen your brand using your own data, and a combination of cloud based data sources and reports software resulting in easy-to-understand visual representations of your path to success. 

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Do you LOVE your eCommerce site? Do your customers LOVE it? Sales happen in an instant – candy bar in the check-out line instant. Sales are also lost in an instant. If your site isn’t inspiring LOVE at first sight, then you are probably missing out on sales. What do you need? Great visuals – Engage the eye Heart Appeal – Make them love to do business with you Head Appea ...

Know what you need to protect An IT security fundamental: Know what you need to protect. However, you can’t protect what you can’t manage. Consider the following questions: What are your most valuable information assets? Where are they? Who has access to them and why? When are they being accessed? Factual answers to these questions can help to establish an unders ...

In the early 90’s, the revolution of personal computing took hold and the client server architecture became the standard, replacing much of the standard mainframe timesharing-based processing. Individual users gained access to spreadsheets, databases, and could even create applications to solve their own problems. Out of this came a great wave of Access, AS400, and Lotus Notes ...

Custom Software Solutions

Technology can be a daunting thing to tackle when you'd rather be working on your product, your market share, or even your books instead. Here are some key items to consider right now to avoid pitfalls, and the questions to ask to refine whether or not they will help you move your business forward or protect it from risk.

Would you see your General Practitioner for a Dental Exam? Of course you wouldn't. You see the right Doctor and you should do the same with your technology - Find the expert that matches both the technology and the business.

In the technology innovation space, we hear a lot of buzzwords that are often difficult to quantify; examples being “Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, The Cloud, Internet of Things and FinTech”.  FinTech has been described as a catch-all term that “applies to companies using the internet, mobile phones, cloud computing and open source software to make banking and investing mor ...

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From Home Depot and Target to Sony Pictures and Premera Blue Cross, businesses are oftentimes targets of cybercriminals. No industry is immune from significant data breaches.

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