In Technology, just like in medicine, there are problems that require a specialist. After 25 years in the business, I am still floored when I meet that poor IT manager who’s boss believes should be able to be both specialist and generalist. While they wouldn’t expect their GP or Family practitioner to be able to do open heart surgery or to administer chemo, some expect their IT Manager to know how to cluster SQL, how Big Data analytics should be deployed and how to secure their data from the perimeter in all the way to role based permissions.

My primary care doctor certainly knows a lot, and when to maybe kick it upstairs to someone else when I need some care, but she’s not going to tell me to see the dentist, the optometrist, and the non-emergency specialists I need to round out my care. Your IT Manager shouldn’t have to do that either.

FirsTech is that specialist for Security, especially around automating role based access, securing and ensuring financial and payments data is secure, and in making sure the enterprise is secure without creating a whole new list of audit controls.

FirsTech is that specialist on Custom APIs and creating the connectors between your legacy systems and the latest generation business systems, be they in the cloud or in the data center.

FirsTech is that specialist that can take your data from all your sources and repositories, and present not just real time dashboards, but in-depth analysis and indicators that trigger action and enable great management decisions.

FirsTech isn’t everything to everyone, but while your IT Managers of the world handle the core functions and keep the line moving, FirsTech is the place to look when you need that extra specialty care.

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