In the early 90’s, the revolution of personal computing took hold and the client server architecture became the standard, replacing much of the standard mainframe timesharing-based processing. Individual users gained access to spreadsheets, databases, and could even create applications to solve their own problems.

Out of this came a great wave of Access, AS400, and Lotus Notes applications, as well as a wave of Excel macros. These legacy tools are still in use all across the business landscape and are still solving business problems, answering questions about the state of affairs and projecting future outcomes. They have done a great job, but like all tools, they may have dulled a little, chipped at the edges. Crystal Reports simply no longer shine.

The client server data center gave way to virtualization years ago, but that architecture didn’t revolutionize the toolset, only the tool chest. The next generation is now here though, with cloud-based services allowing a host of new tools as well as a tool chest that shrinks or expands as necessary to fit the job. Now your business doesn’t have to buy what it doesn’t need, pay for capacity it doesn’t use, or continue the cycle of install, maintain, replace every three to five years.

Freedom to reinvent and refresh these slowly dying and difficult to support applications is upon us. It’s time to retire those old tools and let us partner to port the data, the process, and the reporting into the next generation. Faster results, predictive analytics, real and meaningful automation – it’s all available from sources you trust like Microsoft and their Azure Platform.

Let FirsTech advise you on how to take advantage, retiring your costly infrastructure and processes and replacing it with the new gold standard that relies not upon you having a dusty closet full of servers, but simply using what you’ve already got at your fingertips – great internet, a nice monitor, and a genius for your own business. It’s time to strike before you are left behind … don’t settle for a hammer, when you can get the nail gun.

Retire anything you’ve still got in these outdated, outmoded, and insecure technologies: DB2, AS400, Lotus Notes Applications, ColdFusion, SilverLight, Flash, Sybase, MSAcess, Cobol, Perl, VBScript, classic .ASP … these zombies are dead, so treat yourself for Halloween this year and bury them for good.

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