What if you could

  • Update Salesforce automatically when your phone or email system gets an inbound contact from one of your customers?
  • Update Salesforce from your Point of Sale system without having to do double entry?
  • Pull Data from the Cloud into your local systems?

Let’s do a quick Scenario of how business intelligence can help you determine the right path for your business:

In order to be better at targeting our customers, we need to know where they live and how that relates to our retail branches. We should also know the demographics for the neighborhoods in which those branches reside.

FirsTech can build an API that will pull data from the Cloud providing Lists of Counties, Zip Codes, and Neighborhoods and even Latitude and Longitude data so it can be pinpoint accurate on a map we can display.

They’ll also pull in demographic data for those neighborhoods served, providing visual heat maps for education levels, income levels, housing costs, and other key indicators.

Finally, FirsTech can overlay customer addresses, allowing a highly visual map representing customers in the real world. It will allow visual planning for tactical and strategic market services. FirsTech can even build drill downs into the visuals to show which areas are buying certain products for targeting campaigns.

FirsTech, using a combination of data, cloud based data sources, and reports software, can help you know your market better and help you plot a course to strengthening your brand!

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