Spring Cleaning Your Custom Software Solution

FINALLY!!!! The first day of Spring is here. Winter was more of a drag than normal with seemingly weekly snowfall. But, Mother Nature has relented and allowed Spring to swoop into the St. Louis area at last!

And with Spring comes the opening of windows to let in the fresh air. After being cooped up inside, the need for Spring cleaning is real. The need to clear out those last dregs of Winter and usher in new life.

But, what does that have to do with software development? Everything. Like Mother Nature, your software experiences seasons within its life’s cycle. You worked hard with your custom software solutions provider through the previous seasons of designing, developing, testing and deploying the solution created uniquely for your business and tailored to your specific needs. But it still needs to be maintained. And just like with the seasons that means spring cleaning:

  • Do you have necessary upgrades that are needed but were put off until a slower business time? Get those done today before a security risk can find its way into your software solution due to outdated patches.
  • Perhaps the software is already making your business more efficient and you are now ready to add new features to your software to further that operational efficiency?
  • Or has your business matured and the old practices need to be altered to allow for new ones to be designed?

The fastest way for your custom developed software to become outdated is if you let it. You clean up your home each Spring. Let FirsTech do some Spring Cleaning on your software solutions too – you never know what dead code and bugs need to be swept out.

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About the author

With more than 15 years of overseeing custom software development, Kelli Camp is responsible for project direction, management and successful completion of customer and FirsTech initiatives. Her transformational leadership brings an entrepreneurial spirit to FirsTech's development teams. Working extensively in both the private and public IT sectors facilitating initiatives to clarify, simplify and modernize processes through technology, Kelli will ensure FirsTech clients get quality, on-time results.