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FirsTech can assist in converting your raw data into intelligent insights allowing you to stop guessing and start making data-driven well-informed decisions. By pulling various single data instances together into a business intelligence solution that works for your business, you can reach complete transparency into how the well your business is or isn’t doing.

Business Intelligence can transform your business, expose new markets and facilitate change by making it easier for your team to understand the myriad of data, reports and analysis they see every day. FirsTech can assist you in determining your needs, outlining your business processes and the necessary requirements to facilitate the adoption of successful business intelligence solution.

FirsTech’s methodology enables your business to analyze and visualize each process necessary, from customer and sales trends to employee retention and financial performance. The outcomes can quickly and visually reveal unknown weaknesses while resulting making processes more transparent, faster, and more cost-effective. By looking beyond the actual numbers and focusing instead on the relevant information, your business can begin to instantly realize results by seeing changes and trends to assist in planning the future.

Business Intelligence can transform your business' way of thinking and result in the ability to unveil and take advantage of new opportunities.

  • Better understand existing data sets - visualize important business trends
  • Reveal unknown weaknesses - strengthening business solutions 
  • Make informed decisions based upon previously unseen trends - adding value to business decisions
  • Process inefficiencies realized - resulting in more effective solutions

Business intelligence outcomes can quickly and visually reveal unknown weaknesses while resulting making processes more transparent, faster, and more cost-effective.

  • Help businesses stop the guesswork
  • Benefit from informed decision-making
  • Convert raw data into valuable insights
  • Analyze raw data from various previously unlinked sources to understand underlying trends
  • Makes processes more transparent

Reach transparency into how the well your business is or isn’t performing.

  • Converting raw data into intelligent insights
  • Pull various single data instances into a central repository for visualizing trends
  • Outlining business processes results in more efficient decisions.
  • Automatically profile your data for statistical anomalies
  • Alert users when important outliers arise in data sets

Providing insight into your data; Reducing internal costs; Taking customer satisfaction to a new level; Negating process inefficiencies; Eliminating security risk; Reinforcing your market leadership.

Firstech is your Partner for business success!

  • FirsTech offers a comprehensive suite of technology solutions to cater to every need - both yours and your customers
  • Solutions are highly scalable and customizable by client
  • Our customized and personal level of service ensures rapid turn-around timeframes for requests
  • All support personnel are local and fully accessible 24/7
  • FirsTech provides over 30+ years of experience in the St. Louis area providing clients with best-practice expertise both in regard to what works well and pit-falls to avoid
  • We are a leader in new technology solutions that meet market demands by virtue of our dedication of gathering our clients' input into the product development roadmap

Solutions Tailored to Fit Your Needs

Many clients want the flexibility and convenience custom solutions can provide. FirsTech offers custom software solutions designed to reduce overhead intensive manual processes as well as as API integrations to cut down on error-prone duplicate entries of managing multiple systems. FirsTech can also provide peace of mind with information security assessments to ensure client's infrastructure systems are protected. 

Technology to Fit Your Business

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